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Do you find it easy to talk to boys? I find it so hard! Do you have any advice?

Depends on the guy. If they’re cool and just chill yeah I find it super easy but if they’re like weird and awkward I can’t do it. In general I get along with guys fine. Best thing to do when struggling for conversation is to ask them about themselves. They can talk about themselves easily. Just be confident cause they’re humans too hahaha and probably don’t know what to say either. But ultimately it depends on the guy and how easily they can hold a conversation. 

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taken at my second home in newport, oregon this winter 2013

this is gorgeous

how to be enigmatic 




so pretty 


new favorite photo

this had like 1,000 notes last week omg

Your pupils dilate when you see the person you are attracted to. Because the nervous system controls the muscles of the irises, the response of the nervous system to different stimuli results in involuntary pupil dilation. Another commonly cited reason the pupils dilate is in response to excitement or sexual arousal. When a person sees something or someone they find very attractive, their eyes may dilate. 

Thank God I have dark brown eyes

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